Easy BackGrounds  

11.25 inches high by 8.5 ft long

We have a line of backgrounds that are 11.25 inches high by 8.5 feet long*.  They are purchased in groups of three at   $240 ($80 each x  3)(sold only in groups of 3 you pick the scenes), $30 shipping per order (USA only), multiple groups of 3 still $30.   Scenes with stock numbers A & B content match for total length of 16 ft., A-B-C for 24 ft.   Exact scaling not available on EB scenes however approx scales suitable for Z thru HO, scenes vary.  Transitions are not available on EB scenes, reversals (mirror image) are available for no additional charge. Color match between scenes not guaranteed on EB Scenes (It is guaranteed on BackDrops and BackGrounds). Printed when ordered. Because of this low price, all sales are final. Printed at 600 dots/inch in groups of 3, on BG 4 ink printers. *May be printed on BD 6 ink printers at 10.4"x8 ft depending on other orders-you may request BG printer only..
  We are changing our stock numbers for EB scenes.  Any BG (BackGround) scene is now available as an EB by replacing the BG with EB,  example: BG MH 115A would be EB MH 115A.  Use BG stock number not BD.  EB scenes only available as 11.25 x 8.5 qty 3 see above or 10.4 x 8, see below.  Not all scenes are available.    means not available.  In a few rare cases tall objects like water tanks and tall buildings may be cut off due to excessive height above other objects.


Single 11.25 inch by 8.5 ft. scenes are available One at $240, Two at $120 ea ($30 shipping per order).  Because of this low price, all sales are final.  All scenes are available except as marked. Printed at 300 dpi.


No returns on EzBackGrounds - see our return policy

Easy BackGrounds (EB.........) scenes are the same quality as our BackGrounds at BackDrop Warehouse, they are of course much smaller.  They may be printed on Mural Pro which is the same as our super media but without the nylon mesh inside.
Resolution - EB scene file sizes are 1/8 of our BackGround line and 1/16 of our BackDrop line. This means 8 times more information is printed on a 36 x 12ft BackGround. An EB scene is a reduced version of a BackGround 18 x 12 and printed at 300 dots/inch.   A leaf will have 8 times more detail and 8 times more dots on a 36 x 12 ft. BackGround compared to an EB scene, the reverse of enlarging a photograph. Some single EB scenes are printed at 600 dpi when combined with other jobs. Most are printed at 300 dpi. Groups of 3 printed at 600 dpi.

Our regular line of BackGrounds and BackDrops especially the 24, 36, 42 inch are Grand, super resolution on a large print, customers commonly call AWESOME and UNBELIEVABLY REAL.  With a larger print the backdrop becomes almost 3 dimensional behind your layout.  Within reason, the larger the backdrop, the more grand your layout will looks. You can almost walk into the layout and scenery.  Think how your layout will look as it extends into a realistic backdrop.

EB scenes are reduced 35% from the BG size 18 x 12HO. Look at SCALE for approximate horizon on the image. 

Single EB scenes are printed as fill-in around our regular production line off large media rolls.  The media they are printed on had been thrown away or given away because it was too small to be used.  On single EB scenes there is no color match guarantee from scene to scene, no transitions, no scale guarantee. For groups of 3, the color will match.  On any single EB  scene the sharpness is the same as our normal BackGround line. Our BackDrop line is higher resolution, although BackGrounds are quite satisfactory for most applications and less expensive. If you are serious about a quality backdrop for your layout you should consider our regular line of BackGrounds or BackDrops and make use of matched scenes, reversals and transitions, however the EB  scenes may be a good starter backdrop.  Whichever you consider, you do need a backdrop for your layout.



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