EgScenes - Backdrops for Model Railroads & Model Trains & Hobbies

  EgScenes   14 x 34 

All scenes 14 x 103 inch in 3 parts

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Real Life Quality, unlimited length, 100s of scenes

EgScenes for Model Railroads & Model Trains & Hobbies

EgScenes are our BackGround quality but still impressive. There may be some small variation scene to scene but usually are much higher resolution and color match than the competition of the same size.  Each panel is 14 inch high x 34.75 inch long one piece, 12 mil paper, UV protected, 4 ink colors, water resistant, not scale specific. Pricing $12    - $20.

If you need custom backdrops, scale specific, with over 400 choices and 17 sizes to choose from to 80 inch high, unlimited length, awesome resolution, 6 ink colors, transitions, color matched plus other custom possibilities → return to BackDrop Warehouse.

EgScenes are exclusively available on

Actual print size is 14.5 inch high x 34.75 inch long, mini backdrops printed at our background quality 300 dpi with 4 ink colors. All EgScenes come from our normal BackGround line size 18 x 10 ft. and are broken into 3 parts, A, B, C. Each part is the price listed, $x for -A, $y for -B, etc. The stock number breakdown is EG- then the original stock number, then the A, B, C part. Example EG-HL-180M-A or EG-HL-180M-C, came from BG-HL-180M. All ABC parts will match including sky and have 1/10 inch overlap. The stock number is printed in the lower left corner. EgScenes are considered scaleless because of their small size. No modifications are allowed including reversal. All A, B, C are available as one piece at  Use our regular lines of custom BackDrops and BackGrounds for larger sizes 18, 24, 36, 42 to 80 inch high and scale specific backdrops with transitions and unlimited length continuous scene. Go to Backdrop Warehouse for INSTALLATION suggestions.

EG-AG-159A will generally match to EG-AG-159B. Example EG-AG-159A-C into EG-AG-159B-A.  159A-A→159A-B→159A-C→159B-A→159B-B→159B-C

HL=Hills  MT=Mountains  AG=Agricultural   MH=Mts with Hills  CM=Commercial   IN=Industrial   RS=Residential   RH=Rolling Hills

Lead time order-to-ship is 2 weeks as these are individually printed. USA orders only. Flat rate shipping $10/order, limit 3 scenes/order .    

EgScenes are exclusively available on  EgScenes is a shop on ModelMart. They are not available anywhere else including Backdrop Warehouse (BackDrop Warehouse is the manufacturer).  Please purchase easily online at modelmart.

EG HL 999M-A EG HL 999M-B EG HL 999M-C

 are available at