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AOL AOL trouble 23
We have tried to make this site AOL friendly, however, sometimes AOL won''t work. This is a problem with the way AOL handles images. Please try later, call AOL, or use Netscape or Internet Explorer.

Backdrop BackDrops vs BackGrounds 47
BackDrops are higher resolution than BackGrounds (600 print dots/inch vs 300 dots/inch). If you are standing more than a foot away, it may be hard to tell the difference. Although BackDrops are 2-3 times sharper than BackGrounds, whether you can tell the difference depends on the scene and the viewing distance. BackDrops are impressive!There is no difference in color hue or color intensity. BackDrops come in all sizes.  BackDrops can have clouds moved down for trimming vertical size.  BackDrops are more important for Z and N scale.  more info

BackGrounds need to be viewed from 12 inches or more. For most layouts this is quite adequate. BackGrounds are our most common print and come in all sizes.


Close subjects More close subjects 58
This is not possible. Our subjects are 1000 ft or more away. You cannot get the flat look necessary for a backdrop with close subjects. Also it distorts the relative size ie: grass will be as high as trees. Look at Why We Are Unique We have EzKut building fronts that might help.

Compare scenes How do I compare scenes 63
To compare scenes you can open multiple browsers. You can open as many browsers at the same time as you wish by clicking on the same link to open as the first one. You can save scenes on one browser then open another. Browser screens can be resized to view at the same time or stack them as windows. You can pile up as many choices as you wish. You can also use mockup to compare side by side.

Copyright Copyright 40
Copyright - All scenes and text on this site are copyrighted with this EXCEPTION. Feel free to save an images to your PC for review, especially the expanded scene, then use your local imaging software (most PCs come with free imaging software) to expand to several feet. Remember our printed scenes are 10,000 times higher resolution than the web. For infinite expansion  (click here). Look at COPYRIGHT in INDEX for details.

Curved Corners Making Curved Corners 60
No problem. Look at LayOut Photos

Cutting Cutting Backdrops 59
Our backdrops are on paper. Look at Media. They can be easily cut with scissors or exacto knife.

Cutting Sky Cutting out our Sky 61
We do not recommend cutting out our sky. Our media is 12 mils with nylon mesh which makes detailed cutting difficult. You will end up with a blue sky halo. That said, many people still do it and are happy with the results. Use the 18 inch HO that has minimum sky if you must. Scenes with rocky mountains and low horizon detail work best.

Discounts Discounts 29
You get a 20% discount for 3 or more backdrops or backgrounds. A 15% discount for 2 backdrops or backgrounds that are a continuous scene (A & B). Go to Pricing for more information. Pricing Other discounts are also available.

EB scenes Easy BackGrounds 31
Easy Backgrounds are a fixed size 10 in. x 8 ft, not scale specific. Most scenes come as Easy Backgrounds (EB) except as noted. Information on Easy Backgrounds is here. Printed on same media and same resolution as backgrounds. Easy Backgrounds are also available on under store backdropwarehouse.

Easy Background blemish scenes are also available on


EzKut EzKut Building Fronts & Clouds 28
EzKut building fronts and clouds are specially designed to be cut out and used with any backdrop or background from Backdrop Warehouse or All Scale Backdrops, or can be used on your own painting or blue sky.  They can also be spaced away from the backdrop by using cardboard or foam board.  We recommend fastening with rubber cement.

Fastening Fastening 44
Super Media can be stapled, tacked, nailed or glued using wallpaper paste, rubber cement, double stick tape. KEEP THE FRONT CLEAN

For more information on fastening (install) (mounting), >>click here. <<


Flatland backdrops More flatland backdrops 57
We stay away from flatland backdrops because there ends up with nothing in the scene but sky. Unless we can stand on a hill, you end up with 5 inches of scene at the bottom. We will try to get more semiflat scenes but have to be very careful. The same it true of ocean scenes from the water edge.

G Scale G Scale 54
Use O scale for G. O is the largest we have.

Higher Higher than 36 inch 42
Higher than 36 in.   We can add sky and clouds above the BackGround/BackDrop. Added height (click here)

Historical Photos Backdrops in 50s 60s 56
Sorry, our technology is current. Although we would like to go back in time, we have not figured out how to do it. There are no backdrops from the 40s, 50s, 60s. There are some current backdrops with old buildings that haven''t changed for many years.

IE6 IE6 Problem 35
Internet Explorer 6 will incorrectly reduce images without telling the user that the image size has changed.  This problem adversely effects the way our expanded images

Inks Ink infromation 20
Inks are long life UV protected. 3M advertised indoor life at 10 years under indoor lighting. We have a water proofing spray if you need it, but on most layouts the backdrop can be protected by a plastic cover during construction. Although the media is water resistant, use caution.

Kit Bashing Kit Bashing and painting 38
Kit Bashing for backdrops means cutting out the sky.  We don''t recommend doing this but if you must, you should use the 18 inch high x 12 ft scenes for HO which have minimum sky and are 40% off in groups of 2. Select scenes that have minimum detail trees on the ridge.

You can also cut out parts of the scene like signs and buildings and paint on the backdrop with a non water base paint. Also we have EzKut building fronts and clouds to cut out and stick on.


Length Longer than 12 ft 43
Longer than 12 ft. ...Although each stock backdrop or background has a maximum printed length of 12 ft. (160 in.), many are only a section of a larger scene. Look for -A, -B, -C on the BackGround stock number to indicate the section; -A left most, -C right most. There is a 3 inch overlap between sections. Buy all 3 for a 36 ft. scene. 3 ..10 ft. scenes will not be a continuous scene, the -B must be 12 ft (exception 18 in. N scale).

Location Location A particular place 62
All available scenes are shown on our web. We have many more that we are working on but the location of these scenes to be is unavailable. All our scenes are categorized by scene (Agricultural, Hills, etc) not by location. Any location may have several types of scenes and a scene from one location may look the same as a scene from another location. A farm in Pa may look the same as a farm in WV.

Media Our best media - Super Media 21
Super Media at 12 mils, is a latex saturated, nylon reinforced paper. Almost indestructible. No cracks, No waves, No wrinkles, No scratches, and water resistant. >>click here for more info.<<   It feels a little like thin leather. We have used this media on scenes for over two years and many thousands of scenes without a problem. This media is very expensive so there is a $12/scene charge for super media.

Shipped in a 4 inch diameter round tube.  For installation instructions   (click here). 


MockUp MockUp 33
MockUp allows you to try your choices on a layout. You can put up to 5 scenes together. MockUp also allows you to test the look of transitions, sizes 8 and 10 ft and reversals. MockUp is a scene design program and has no information about the scenes or our products. MockUp

MockUp MockUp 34
The most common problem using MockUp is people do not indicate the location of the scene. You must indicate location 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5.

Painting Is your Backdrop better than hand painting 51
The detail in our backdrops is far more than can be painted on a wall. Then when you consider the work to hand paint a scene, it is much less work and less expensive to purchase a detail ready made scene.  You can paint additional items on our backdrops, using care not to damage the print.  You can also add EzKut scenes.  

Photos Layout Photos 37
We have photos of our backdrops on many layouts for your enjoyment. Go to Layout Photos

Price Why are your scenes more expensive than competition 50
Our scenes are properly scaled, not one size fits all.  Our skies match with the clouds pulled in from the ends and top.  We don't cut clouds in half.  All scenes are made with the model in mind.  Each scene is individually printed for you, not mass printed.  We have over 200 unique scenes and 10,000 variations to choose from.  Look at Why we are Unique.  Scenes from Backdrop Warehouse compliment the hours you have spent on your layout.

Pricing Pricing for BackDrops and BackGrounds 48
Price is based on size not the scene.  Go to our PRICE page 

Replacement Replacement and damage 64
We replace (replacement) backdrops and backgrounds damaged during installation. The cost is 70% off the retail price plus $12 media charge and shipping. Look at Replacement for more info.

Resolution Resolution 32
Proprietary process used only by BackDrop Warehouse for high resolution, properly scaled, undistorted,  and unlimited length. Look at Resolution.

Our scenes are not fish eye, distorted and bowing panoramas, repeating objects, or digital creations. They are high detail large format new technology (developed by us)  photographs. 


Reversal Mirror Image 41
Mirror images: All scenes can be REVERSED DESREVER. Clearly tell us you want a reversed scene. Add an R to the end of the stock number. Be careful of reversed signs.

Samples Samples 45
We have two samples for $9.95 and $29.95. click here Also the EB scenes on for $9.95 - $50 make good samples. Or try a blemish.

Scale Properly Scaled 30
Our BackDrops and BackGrounds are the only Backdrops properly scaled for N, HO, O. Look at the Scale page for more important information on scale. Exact scale can vary from scene to scene. You must look at the expanded view for close objects especially for the smaller scales.

Scenes Where are the scenes 46
Go to the INDEX and find PRODUCTS.  The scene categories are at the top of the PRODUCTS page.  You can also look at HELP for information about this site.  All scenes are broken down by category like Mountains, Hills, Industrial, Agricultural, Clouds& Sky. Scenes are not available by location like "Chicago", because what in Chicago, buildings, industrial, commercial, residential?

Shelf Layout Shelf Layout 39
Shelf layout - If you have a shelf layout down about 12 inch from ceiling, you might consider the scenes designed for this purpose 11 in. x 36 ft. There is one or two in most scene categories and is shown as 3 on a panel.  You have to look for them but they look different than the rest.

Shipping Shipping 65
Shipping $17 per order, multiple items still $17* shipped USPS priority mail 2-3 days (USA only). Lead time = 2 weeks All orders are custom prepared and custom printed. Rush orders: $80/order to jump in front of everyone else + $35/3 scenes for express mail (no shipping discounts)

Sky Change Sky / Storm Sky 52
We can change the sky from east to west or other way for $30. sky Fee waived for transitions and multiple scenes. We can also do a stormy sky. storm sky

Transitions Transitions between scenes 36
We now have a realistic way to transition from one scene to a different scene over about 12 inches. Scenes that are already A (CM 158A) and B (CM 158B) are a continuous scene in 2 parts and do not need a transition.  This applies to A, B, C for 36 ft , etc.  Any two scenes that have different stock numbers (CM 158 A    CM 123 A) can be transitioned, note cautions below. We can digitally blend almost any scene into any other scene. If you need an oil refinery into agricultural or hills into mountains, we can do it!  Transitions click here

Color matching for sky, A/B scenes and transitions only guaranteed when the scenes are purchased at the same time.


Wallpaper Paste Using Wallpaper Paste 55
You can use wallpaper paste to install our backdrops but use low water vinyl paste. Rubber cement is the best. Look at installation instructions

Z scale Z scale 53
We have special 12 inch x 6 ft high resolution prints for Z scale. Z Scale