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FAQ is sorted by topic and can be searched for a keyword. It is used to answer questions about our products.

How do I start How do I find what I need?


Look at some common questions on this page.  Go to the INDEX and look at PRICING, SCALE, INSTALLATION, TRANSITIONS, PRODUCTS, HELP.  These are the main information pages. There are many other secondary information pages listed in the INDEX.  To order we will need stock numbers starting on left as installed (clockwise), sizes as listed in PRICING and your scale.  We do not make suggestions, sorry.  Only the sizes listed in PRICING are available.  All the actual scenes are in the categories (Mts, Hills, Agricultural, etc) in PRODUCTS.

Scenes Where are the scenes ?


Go to the INDEX and find PRODUCTS.  The scene categories are at the top of the PRODUCTS page.  You can also look at HELP for information about this site.  All scenes are broken down by category like Mountains, Hills, Industrial, Agricultural, Clouds& Sky. Scenes are not available by location like "Chicago", because what in Chicago, buildings, industrial, commercial, residential?

Backdrop Backdrop vs Background ?


BackDrops are higher resolution than BackGrounds (600 print dots/inch vs 300 dots/inch). If you are standing more than a foot away, it may be hard to tell the difference. Although BackDrops are 2-3 times sharper than BackGrounds, whether you can tell the difference depends on the scene and the viewing distance. BackDrops are impressive!There is no difference in color hue or color intensity. BackDrops come in all sizes.  BackDrops can have clouds moved down for trimming vertical size.  BackDrops are more important for Z and N scale.  more info

BackGrounds need to be viewed from 12 inches or more. For most layouts this is quite adequate. BackGrounds are our most common print and come in all sizes.


Pricing Pricing for Backdrops and Backgrounds ?


Price is based on size not the scene.  Go to our PRICE page 

Transitions Transitions between scenes ?


We can digitally blend almost any scene into any other scene. If you need an oil refinery into agricultural or hills into mountains, we can do it!  Transitions click here

Color matching for sky, A/B scenes and transitions only guaranteed when the scenes are purchased at the same time.


Length How do I get more than 12 ft. ?


All scenes come 18, 24, 36,42 inch high x 8, 10, 12 ft. long. Scenes with A, B, C are continuous in sections.  A through C would be 36 ft.  Scenes with M are one panel only. 10 ft and 8 ft. scenes are cut off at the end with the label.  They are not squashed down, example: an 8 ft scene is missing 4 ft off the end with the label.  You can see the label on the expanded view.  Reversals are available at no charge and transitions are available at $60.   Actual length is (12 ft) = 160 inch,  (10 ft) = 130 inch,  (8 ft) = 106 inch which includes a 2 inch label.

Height How do I get more than 42 in. ?


You can add a clouds & sky extension which come 18, 24, 36, 42, extending up to about 80 inch high.  The highest single panel is 42 in. (40.75 printed). Extension must be ordered at the same time as the lower panel and will have a sky color matched to the top of the lower panel.  Go to the clouds and sky group for available stock numbers.

MOCKUP What is MockUp ?


MockUp is an on-line program to try scenes on a layout.  It is a separate section from the main web and does not have details on the scene or any information about our products.  Please read the help on MockUp and try the tutorial.  You can get to MockUp from the INDEX

Price Why are your scenes more expensive than other manufacturers ?


Our scenes are properly scaled, not one size fits all.  Our skies match with the clouds pulled in from the ends and top.  We don't cut clouds in half.  All scenes are made with the model in mind.  Each scene is individually printed for you, not mass printed.  We have over 200 unique scenes and 10,000 variations to choose from.  Look at Why we are Unique.  Scenes from Backdrop Warehouse compliment the hours you have spent on your layout. 

Paint Is your Backdrop better than hand painted ?


The detail in our backdrops is far more than can be painted on a wall. Then when you consider the work to hand paint a scene, it is much less work and less expensive to purchase a detail ready made scene.  You can paint additional items on our backdrops, using care not to damage the print.  You can also add EzKut scenes.  

Too Many Too many choices  How do I compare scenes ?


To compare scenes you can open multiple browsers.  You can open as many browsers at the same time as you wish by clicking on the same link to open as the first one.  You can save scenes on one browser then open another.  Browser screens can be resized to view at the same time or stack them as windows.  You can pile up as many choices as you wish.  You can also use mockup to compare side by side.   

Easy BackGrounds What are Easy Backgrounds ? 


Easy Backgrounds are a fixed size 10 in. x 8 ft, not scale specific. Most scenes come as Easy Backgrounds (EB) except as noted.  Information on Easy Backgrounds is here.  Printed on same media and same resolution as backgrounds.  Easy Backgrounds are also available on under store backdropwarehouse.

Easy Background blemish scenes are also available on


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