Super Media

 Our super media. It meets or exceeds all our specifications.

          This is heavy plastic based with nylon embedded designed for signs and outside use- details below.

  • Water Resistant
  • In use for 12 years with nearly no problems
  • super white
  • super flat - no reflectivity
  • no waves or wrinkles
  • very strong
  • not affected by moisture
  • weight about 4 pounds per 36 in. x 160 in.

Almost indestructible

We don't recommend this method, but our media is tough. In the end it looked great. If the end results look the way you want, then however you do it is ok.

This media is a heavy weight plastic based (12 mils) latex saturated, and nylon reinforcement, designed for outside-in-the-sun use, which means it has a long life indoors. It feels like light weight leather and is designed for the UV protected inks that we use. We have sold many many 1000s of feet without a single problem.  In all our years we have never had a torn backdrop.

WATER RESISTANT - The ink soaks into the surface coating so that it will not peel, crack or run if wet. The printed surface will not scratch unless you tear the paper. Accidental water splashed on the surface has no effect. Heavy and continuous wetting may require our spray.  Let the water evaporate or blow dry, do not rub or sponge off. On most layouts the backdrop can be protected by a plastic cover during construction. Although the media is water resistant, use caution.

Inks are long life UV protected. 3M advertised indoor life at 20 years under indoor lighting and we have seen specs as long as no fade for 300 yrs (wonder how they arrived at this). Our test sample is 2 feet from a south facing window which puts direct sun on the test piece at least part of the day.  The test started July 2000 and there is no fading to date. 

BackDrops are printed with 6 ink colors where BackGrounds are 4 ink colors. The color, contrast and overall look are calibrated to be the same. 6 ink vs. 4 ink may give better color tone on many scenes but without comparing the two, differences may be minimal especially eastern hills and mountains.  The best chance to see a difference is on commercial scenes where there are many colors, the least chance is on landscape where there is less red and blue as the additional colors are red (light magenta) and blue (light cyan). Scenes with a Backdrop stock number of 85xxxx and greater may have a more noticeable difference.

BackGrounds are low detail, low resolution and reduced colors. Although still available, are not recommended

6 ink colors doesn't mean 6 colors. Most prints are made with 4 inks (CMYK). Two additional inks means a wider range of colors and shades in the millions of colors and shades.

You cannot see through this media so no white backing is needed.

Because this media is so expensive for us, we have a $20 surcharge charge per panel (scene), but well worth it.